Collecting stuff is something that an individual does not plan on doing so. You might just be surprised one day that you already have 10 or 12 sets of racing cars at home over the years. But in some cases, it has been done intentionally especially when you are a real fanatic with a certain sport, movie or anything that can literally make you happy. Basketball is not only popular when it comes to sports. Although it came out as a favourite game by almost all of the sports fanatics out there, the hobby of creating basketball as part of a collection has also started its popularity worldwide. If you are planning to start your basketball collection now or in either case you already started yours, then this article is certainly perfect for When talking about basketball collectibles there are actually a lot to choose from, not to mention the basketball jersey itself which happens to be the sport’s uniform and that not only you can decorate and collect but also wear. This collection can be at present items or perhaps a vintage one so there really is a wide range of collectible items to complete which is fun and exciting to a lot of collectors.

What are the best basketball collectibles to start with?

Basically, no one can actually dictate what you should or should not include on your collection because you are free to choose whatever catches your eyes in a first glimpse. However especially when you are buying the vintage items, then the clarity of value must be considered all the time so that you will not get to waste your money for Always buy the items that you really love. Remember, you are starting a collection to please yourself and to flaunt it off to your friends and family. Also, if you have the best items ever, in the future you can create a small business with your collection as its value gets high over the years.

1.  Photos with autograph

These photos are taken with your favourite players during their games. The photograph itself can already be considered as a memorabilia but what makes it even more worth to keep as a collection is the highlighted signature from your basketball idols. Note: Be very vigilant with your choices as some sellers have fake autograph in it but still sells the item at high price. Make sure it is authentic from trusted sellers.

2.  Autographed Basketball

Personally hand signed basketball by famous players and are officially licensed by NBA. This is a perfect addition to your collection that is sure to surprise your friends. This may be a little pricey but it’s worth the investment.

3.  Autographed Jersey Shirts

Original Jersey Shirts that are personally hand signed by famous basketball players. Available at any styles, sizes and colours, these shirts are worth more or less $350 and up. As a collector, having this as an addition to your memorabilia is indeed a great achievement.

4. Basketball Action Figures

Commemorate your most favourite players as you start collecting the real-like action figures. These are a masterpiece that would be a great addition to your collection.

5. Basketball Playing Cards

There are a lot of playing cards to choose from especially when you do the actual purchase online. Playing cards are a great collection because it is easy to safe keep and much cheaper than other basketball collectibles. Collecting these playing cards are also very fun and exciting, just imagine challenging yourself and even your friends of who completes the cards first.

Collecting stuff needs a lot of attention especially when it comes to keeping it safe and taking care of it. No matter what your collection might be, keeping the boxes is a number one rule because anytime soon you might want to just put it inside a cabinet for display.