Apart from regular exercise routine such as equipment aided routine doing weightlifting, treadmill run, cross trainer and the like as well as aerobics, what else counts as exercise? Well, take a pick on easy to-do Good Exercise Routine with Basketball, not only a healthful benefit but it’s something that is fun to do at the same time. Exercise makes your heart happy, providing us what we call the endorphin’s “happy hormones”. In many cases, it does not ultimately make you happy when trying to do a regular exercise is a constant struggle amidst our busy schedule and lifestyle. Doing basketball is a perfect solution to get away of that hostile feeling, a feeling of no excitement and zero motivating factor that’s intended to keep us mentally and physically fit. good exercise routine

Why opt Basketball as your good exercise routine?

Doing basketball as your exercise routine develops or promotes social interaction; you can play with your friends, family, work colleagues, neighborhood and acquaintances. Basketball exercise routine can also work with a one man game, all you need to have is a ball and a hoop.

  • While you get all the benefits doing an exercise routine, you as well will enjoy playing basketball.
  • The notion that you will be “playing” basketball is a lot more exciting and motivating rather than simply thinking of doing a regular exercising routine.
  • Basketball can be played all year round because it can be done in many areas/ locations both with indoors & outdoors.
  • Accessibility is within your reach, it can be done in your house, lawn, community basketball court, sports gym, free concrete & wooden flooring spaces.

Exercising through Basketball is free; you don’t have to pay membership fee or monthly fees to be able to do that. You will be able to burn same amount of calories or more doing the basketball drills with running, dribbling, sprinting, shooting, jumping, stretching, twisting, and pivoting.

  • It’s a good way of detoxifying because of its ability to actually help you with sweating activity.
  •  If you’re playing with a team, it enhances your strategic ability to earn points – the cognitive exercise.
  • It also train you to become a good team player can be your great social sport.
  • It also improves agility, balance and coordination skills.
  • It can also help you build-up and strengthen muscles as well as endurance.
  • It also develops self-discipline and good concentration technique or sense of focus.
  • It can be played by people of all abilities and all ages. Practically a whole family can exercise together playing basketball, if you may, including your granny and grandpa.

There are many left to mention benefits and advantages for opting basketball as your exercise routine. You’ll have all the benefits you get doing a regular exercise routine but much more than that because it’s something you don’t feel as a responsibility but instead it’s something you enjoy doing. Depending on whose involve in the game or shall we call it now your “exercise routine”, the intensity level can be adjusted for the well being of everyone.

Workout, exercise or physical fitness activity is not just about being physically fit, rather a good state of mind relies on your passionate attitude towards all those physical activities that you do. Your state of mind resonates physically. There are options you can do, don’t tie yourself on something conventional that’s supposed to nurture your wellbeing. Be healthy, be fit and don’t forget to have Fun!