If you’re a basketball enthusiast, there’s no way that you wouldn’t be interested on how to spin a basketball on your finger. The reason? Nothing too important exactly. But how cool it is to have such skill right? Totally impressive! Now, if you’re into learning this trick, this article will walk you through the basic elements of finger spin.


    1. Spin the ball on the bottom middle – The ball’s grooves are on the bottom middle side where it meets in perpendicular point. Avoid spinning the ball in a horizontal position as it won’t look as clean.
    2. Decide whether to use one or two hands – Depending on your preference of course, you get to choose whether to use one or two fingers in throwing the ball into the air before you can actually catch it with your finger.
    3. Put your elbow in a comfortable height – You want to bend your arm to about a 110-degree angle (to your elbow), higher than your hip to be exact. Make sure that the ball is about the level to your face.
    4. Hold the ball with your finger pads – Use the same hand that you will use to spin the ball. Grip the ball with your fingertips and allow a small air pocket between your palm and ball.
    5. Fingertips pointing your body – When you finish the “wrist twist”, your hand will make 180-degree twist, your fingertips will be pointing away from your body.


Take your non-dominant hand closer to the back of the ball – Put your thumb directly in the middle between the ball’s top and bottom (it will provide the force) as you make the tossing of the ball.Tossing – Flick your dominant hand 180-degrees simultaneously, with the pinky leading, flicking your thumb on your non-dominant hand forward to spin the ball. Make sure you complete the two motions at the same time for equal force on the ball’s both sides. Use your finger pads to guide the ball in the proper direction. Get the ball spinning very quickly, the toss should not be very high above your dominant fingers and should only float a few inches into the air. The faster the ball spins, the longer you will be able to hold it on your finger.