The game of basketball is both fun and challenging and due to competitive spirits, players are becoming better and better.  If you have a competitive spirit and want to have an edge over your opponents, you don’t just need to practice endlessly, you also need to perform basketball drills along with the use of basketball training equipment.  This will enable you to achieve more in less time.

Players these days have more options to choose from when it comes to basketball training equipment.  For every skill needed to excel in the game, a player can use several training aids that could help him improve in that area.  You will be amazed on the amount of basketball training equipment available today, mostly due to the increase in demand by people wanting to get better in the game.

Before attempting to invest in any basketball training equipment, first, you need to ask yourself, “Are you really serious about the game?” This is very important as your dedication as well as the time and effort you place for the game is the key in helping you improve.  If not, then the training equipment will be useless if you don’t put any time and effort to it.

As mentioned earlier, there are multitudes of training equipment available for basketball.  It is important that you use the proper equipment for the set of skills you want to develop.  However, due to the overwhelming abundance of training equipments to choose from, deciding on which equipment to invest in can be very tricky or difficult.  This means you need to do a little bit of research, based particularly on the type of skill you want to develop.  The list below shows some of the most effective basketball training equipment you can come across with.

Jumpsoles – these are plyometric frontal platform training shoes that helps to improve not just your jumping ability, but your speed and quickness as well.  Jumpsoles are one of the most popular speed and jump training system that are used by players of professional leagues themselves.  Consistent training with the Jumpsoles will enable you to increase your vertical jump by as much as 10 inches.  It can even decrease dash time for 40 yards by 0.2 second.  Their latest 4.0 version even helps to develop balance and agility while preventing injury.  The best thing about using Jumpsole is that results are guaranteed.

ArcAngel – this is a shooting training system that guarantees increase in shooting percentage.  According to their research, the 60-degree arc provides the best chance of making the ball through the hoop, which is why they designed an add-on ring to your current hoop that is exactly at that angle.  The training equipment is particularly helpful when practicing off the dribble shots, fadeaway shots, quick release shots, and three point shots.

The main reason why the add-on ring becomes very helpful is that it enables you to visualize the optimum shooting arc.  Since no one shoots from the same angle always, the ArcAngel has been designed to rotate inside the rim, providing you with all possible positions or angles from the court.  The cool thing about the ArcAngel is that is has a delivery system that automatically returns the ball to you when practicing alone, further improving efficiency – of course, that is, if you make the shot.

Hyper Gravity Weight Belt – according to their advertisement, the hyper gravity weight belt helps you to jump higher, have a longer hang time, run faster, and become more explosive.  The truth is, all of what they said are key elements in becoming a highly effective basketball player.  While it can be said that there are players with natural running and jumping ability, it does not mean you cannot use tools to help you attain those skills.

The hyper gravity belt is basically a belt you wear near your hip-pelvic area.  You are supposed to wear it while practicing, doing drills, and everything in between.  According to research, players who wear weighted belts outperforms players who do not wear weighted belts by more than 200% in a standing jump and outperforming them by 32% in a running jump.  This goes to show that weighted belts are effective in increasing performance.

Jump Box – if you are familiar with plyometric jumping boxes and managed to have used one, then you know how great of a workout they provide.  Jump boxes come in different shapes and sizes and they are able to accommodate different skills and ability levels.  For example, there are 12 inch boxes that are designed for beginners and 18 and 24 inch boxes that are designed for intermediate and advanced basketball players.  There are even jump boxes that have a pin adjustment system that enables the user to adjust the height of the box.  Jump boxes come in solid steel or wood construction.  They are equipped with a non-skid pad at the top to provide you with a secure landing.

The main benefits of using jump boxes is that it improves strength, speed, agility, and most of all, power.  Exercises and workouts can be customized to simulate certain patterns when playing basketball.  However, in order to maximize their benefits, it is important that you choose the right exercise using the right technique.

Speed and Agility Ladders – this is perhaps the most common training equipment that helps to build and develop speed and agility.  The truth is, having both speed and agility is crucial if you want to be a complete basketball player.  This is most likely because both speed and agility gives you a certain edge over your opponents.

The aspect of using speed and agility ladders when doing drills is that it helps a player develop foot quickness as well improving his agility and coordination.  In addition to this, the ladder can be set in a way that will help a player train for faster change of direction.  The advantage of using speed and agility ladders are numerous which is why they are used not just by basketball players, but by players that requires both speed and agility in their game.

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