In the game of basketball, shooters are always considered an asset because every shot they make has the capacity to turn the game around.  However, to become better at shooting, you don’t need to do endless practice with no direction, it is important that you practice with a goal in mind.  There are far too many players who put a lot of time into practicing their shots, but since they aimlessly practice, they hardly improve at all.  For example, if you want to improve on your shooting, set out on improving your shooting form first.  Once you have that worked out, try doing some basketball shooting workouts.  This is not just an intelligent form of training, but it is also something that logical and one that can give you an edge.

To improve your shooting, you need to follow certain basketball shooting workouts.  Here are a few guidelines:

1. Set your goal based on the number of shots.

Basketball Shooting WorkoutsWhen practicing your shooting, try to set your goal based on the number of shots you make.  Never say you’re going to practice shooting for an hour as you’ll never be really doing this as you’re likely to spend most of your time running after the ball and dribbling.  If you really want to improve your shooting, set a number of shots regardless of how long it takes you.  You can choose either the number of attempts or the number of makes.  However, it will be a bit more challenging if you choose to do number of makes.  By doing enough repetition, at least a few hundred per practice, then you’re doing a more calculated approach to your practice.

2.  Chart your progress.

After setting the number of shots you make, try to compile a chart of your shooting per practice session.  This chart would include the type of shot, number of attempts, number of shots made, and shooting percentage.  Although this may not seem much during the beginning, but keeping track of your shooting can greatly help you in determining whether you have improved, even for the slightest bit, or not.

3. Work on every type of shot.

When practicing your shooting, don’t just practice as if you were shooting from the foul line.  It  is important that you practice your shooting the same way that you are likely to shoot during a game.  Such shooting would include shooting off a catch, shooting off a dribble, shooting off a side step from both directions, different game like shots from different ranges, and a jump shot.

4. Practice at game speeds.

If you take your time making your shots during practice, then how will you make your shot during game time?  This is the very reason why it is important to practice at game speeds so that you are able to practice in quickly releasing your shot to prevent yourself from getting blocked by your defender.  In fact, your shooting percentage is likely to plummet during games if you don’t practice shooting at game speeds.  In addition, knowing your position in court will enable you to practice the distance you are likely to take your shots during a game.

5. Work out different shooting ranges.

Once you think you’ve mastered a certain range or angle, then try to practice longer range shots.  This is because it’s not like you will always have the opportunity to shoot from your most preferred range during a game.  Don’t just concentrate on short-range shots, because you have more abundant opportunity taking mid-range shots.

6. Don’t leave free throw off your routine.

It is also very important to include free throw shooting on your practice regimen as making foul shots during important games, particularly during the crucial moments can greatly help in turning a loss into victory.

7. Make use of items to simulate game-like conditions.

You can use cones or chairs to help simulate game-like conditions by positioning them on court and pretending as if they were the defensive team.  You can practice different types of shooting against these imaginary defenders as well as gain insight on distance judgment towards them.

Shooting Workout

Basketball shooting cannot be improved without any shooting workout.  The list below shows a few good basketball shooting workouts.

Polish your shooting mechanics and shooting form – during the start of your routine, try focusing on your shooting form to help keep your shooting mechanics from going the wrong way.  Practice these for at least five minutes before starting your practice routine: shooting one-handed on a spot on a wall, and shooting one-handed at the hoop at about three feet distance.

Build confidence by getting in the groove – building up your groove can help you to build your confidence with your shots.  In order to build up your groove, take about 50 shots from close range.  Since this is an easy shot, your mental side of shooting slowly gains confidence with each shot, especially when you’re hardly missing any shot.  Whether you are in practice, or during warm-ups before games, don’t miss in getting your shooting side on the groove so that you can build up confidence with your shots.  Remember, the more you get on the groove the more shots you make, and the more shots you make the more you get on the groove.

Practice doing some game-like shots – game-like shots would include shooting after a dribble as well as shooting after a pass. For shooting after a dribble, practice making several shots (about 10 each) after dribbling to the right as well as after dribbling to the left.  Try doing this from different positions on the court and try to increase the distance after some period.  For shooting after a pass, practice making several shots (about 10 each) after a pass and pivoting towards the right as well as pivoting towards the left.  Try doing this from different positions on the court and try to increase the distance after some period or once you’re sinking all of your shots.  Aside from these shots, try doing some jump shots from different positions on the court and try to sink in at least 50.  In addition, practice your free throw shooting by sinking in 50 shots.