The game of basketball is adored almost everywhere which is why you will find a lot of places specially dedicated for playing basketball. In order to play basketball in these public courts, you need to have your own basketball. However, many people hardly know the origin of basketballs which is why we will be taking a glimpse at basketballs.

The balls used for playing basketball were first manufactured by Albert G. Spalding in 1894. However, there really wasn’t any official sizes then until 1934 where the official size 7 or 30 inches we know of today became the standard size for men’s basketball. The women’s smaller official ball size was decided much later.

Basketballs are made up of three parts – the outer shell, the inner core, and the innermost bladder. The outer shell of a basketball can be made out of any of the following materials – rubber, leather, synthetic leather, or composite leather. The inner core, on the other hand, is usually made out of rubber, a sponge, or a mixture of the two, while the innermost bladder is made of rubber.

Basketballs that are made of leather are specifically intended for indoor and hardwood use only. This is because if you use them on the outdoors with rough concrete floors, the leather will crack easily. Basketballs that are made of composite leather are suitable for both indoor and outdoor court type of play. However, if you are playing on rough concrete surfaces, the use of rubber basketballs is highly recommended.

When purchasing basketballs, you need to consider several things:

Does it have a good grip? Basketball manufacturers, such as Wilson, have balls covered in Dura fiber which can help the fingers to have a tighter grip.

Does it have a good smooth bounce? If the bounce of the ball slightly changes direction, then the ball is not balanced.

Is it durable? This is an important factor as the ball must be able to retain its bounce even after weeks of play.

Another factor you might want to consider when purchasing a basketball would be the size and weight. Almost every basketball retailer offers a prescribed size chart which you can consult to find the most suitable size for you.

You may also choose to purchase expensive basketballs, but this may not necessarily always give you good value for your money as they will not necessarily last the rigors of outdoor play.