Behind a great player is a professional and competent coach. Coaches play a big role to every player which makes them very important to any sport. Being a coach is one of the most exciting jobs in the world! With that being said, regardless of what age you are coaching, the fact that basketball is indeed a very interesting and fun game which involves a particular skill, rules and  regulations, there has to be uniformity of teaching the whole sport or game to your players. However, there could be a lot of strategies coaches can think of when they plan out his player’s training.

The most challenging part of being a coach is when you are teaching with kids. Kids are very energetic and could be a little hard to direct and give instruction to. You need to be a role model for them and be very careful with your words and actions as kids pick up things quickly. Be patient and be very passionate with what you are doing because being a coach means you are given a huge responsibility as you are handling a whole team.

Giving training and drills for your players must be planned out well because they might find it too hard which can cause no help on their performance and might be very overwhelming on their behalf. The training and drill that you should provide for your players also differs on the level of his or her ability and competence.

Basketball Training Drills

Starting with the basics is the first thing that must be done with the training to not keep your players out of swing.

  • Ball Control Training must be done by bending the knees and fingertip control must also be observed. Protect the ball with your off hand and always keep your heads up.
    • Both Hands Basic Dribbling
    • Speed Dribbling
    • Change Direction Moves
  • Dribbling and Shooting Training this is a great training for any players.
    • Doing the Dribbling moves while attempting for a layup
    • One-on-one with a more skilled player (This will practice your player’s speed)
    • Dribbling and shooting

Always keep your players in condition no matter if it’s just training. Let them warmed up first so that their body will not be overwhelmed of the game or training’s speed.

Tips for Starters:

  1. When doing the dribbling practice, never look at the ball as it may be a distraction. It actually depends, because some players are more comfortable doing this. Always keep your head up.
  2. Bring intensity to your workouts and practices. It helps a lot on your performance.

Passing Drills

  1. One-Ball Rapid Fire – Players should line up facing into a wall. This drill is done by passing the ball against the wall. Let them repeat for at least 20 passes.
  2. Two-Ball Rapid Fire – Group your players into five with one passer standing 6 feet away from the line. The passer and receiver must be bringing a ball and to perform the two-ball rapid fire drill, let the players change chest pass back and forth for 1 minute.
  3. Monkey in the Middle – Group your players into 3 and give each team a ball. Passers must line up and the 3rd player on each group must play the monkey role who will steal the ball. The passers must not dribble the ball and must pass it to each other without letting the monkey in the middle deflects the ball. Make a rotation.
  4. Simple Partner Passing and Catching – Let your players play catch. Separate each player about 15 feet facing each other.
  5. Triangle Passing Drill – This drill is mostly done by younger players. Create two teams among your players. On 3 passing lines divide your players and let them do the drill and make a rotation.

Your players must practice these drills in order for them to demonstrate the proper passing skills. This will contribute to the improvement of your players when it comes to their speed and overall playing performance.

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