Basketball is a kind of sport that requires tremendous training in order to play it with harmony with perfection. Players try a lot of fitness programs in order to stay focus and alert during on court and off court of this Sport. Different basketball training exercises focus on the qualities of strength, explosiveness, agility, flexibility, reaction, and power of a basketball player and these qualities can be strengthened through training methods that also makes them fit.  Fitness training also helps players improve their fitness and health lifestyle not only for the game alone but for themselves as well.

Self evaluation

During self evaluation process, the player will undergo different methods of training programs during the training period. He can also decide and choose what kind of training program he thinks might fit to him. This process is essential for you to assess where you will start and end between the training periods.

Six Basketball Strengthening Exercises would cause no harm to the players if executed properly.

Muscular Strength Training

Basketball players must be dynamic in their movements and ability to employ bursts of power rapidly. In order to increase the players muscular strength, which is the combination of their speed of movement and strength, they must develop a base of absolute strength. Absolute strength is the measure of how much force a muscle group can exert in one single movement, which is necessary to improve your muscular strength.

Also players should have proper muscular balance by addressing areas around each joint; ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, and elbow. Players need to work on their entire body; address every muscle group from head to toe including the legs, hips, core, and upper body to develop high quality of strength and conditioning that some coaches advocate to players.

Plyometric Training Exercises

Jumping ability will be developed through specific drills based upon plyometric principles. Plyometrics incorporates both speed and strength into whole-body movements. Some of the exercises that can be done in the plyometrics training include squat jumps, jumping to boxes and lateral jumping to boxes.

When performing plyometric exercises; pay close attention to your landing technique not just your jumping technique. Try to land with your weight evenly dispersed over your entire foot; use your entire body to absorb the impact, land chest-over-knees-over-feet, and land quietly. Make sure your knees don’t buckle in and don’t land straight legged. Creating solid landing habits is important for injury prevention.

Vertical Leap Training Exercises

One of the most important aspects of basketball is the vertical leap. Whether it is for shooting jump shots, blocking your opponent’s shot or going up for a lay-up or slam dunk, having the ability to jump high will greatly improve your game. Plyometric training is one way to increase vertical leap, but you can also employ techniques from power lifting such as power cleans, snatch and clean and jerks. All of these exercises are dynamic movements that require explosive power and speed to execute properly.

Endurance Training Exercises

Basketball players, more than anything else, run whether in and out off the court. There are two basic methods of endurance training that you can use to improve your cardio on the court. The first is simple long distance running at a gradual pace. This can be viewed similarly to the absolute strength of endurance, as it will give you a base to move from and develop your cardio. Another way to improve cardiovascular fitness is through sprint training. Sprinting is something basketball players do throughout every game. Sprints build on several fitness elements such as dynamic and explosive power, speed and cardio, all of which you will need on the court.

Coordination and Agility Training Exercises

Hand-eye coordination and player agility can often be enhanced through individual drills with the basketball. Two- and three-ball dribbling exercises, in which the player must move at full speed keeping the balls under control with a proper dribble, are examples.


Most basketball players are looking to gain body weight; which means you have to take in more calories than you burn. This can be very hard to do without proper planning and discipline. For a player looking to gain weight; you should aim to gain one pound a week for the next six weeks and show up on day one with 5-10 additional pounds of muscle. This will be like putting a bigger engine in a car! You will be able to run faster, jump higher, and block out harder! Remember you are what you eat. If you eat badly, you will look and play badly!

Safety of Players

With any fitness program, players only wanted to make sure that they are not over-training or making mistakes that can lead to injury. Players should also give themselves plenty of rest days for proper recovery from their training.

Other than these strengthening exercises, players must also watch out their health condition. They should not neglect a balance nutrition in order to perform at their best during the game. Also their safety is a top concern that next to their health. Using prohibited drugs are not allowed and this lead to disqualification on their team. A balance diet and proper execution of the training exercises help them build a stamina that can withstand any fatigue during the game.

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