Shooting the ball in the hoop is what every basketball player loves.  In fact, shooting is the most practiced drill in the game.  Coaches and players spend a lot of their practice time doing some drills and giving in some shooting tips.  It is very important to improve a players’ shooting skill because they cannot score in a game if they cannot shoot. There are certain techniques that must be used in order to be successful in shooting whether it is doing jump shots, free throws, or lay-up.  Below are 10 basketball shooting tips that can help a player shoot hoops better.

10 basketball shooting tips

  1. A basketball player needs to use correct shooting techniques.  BEEF (Balance, Eye, Elbow, and Follow-through) helps when shooting the basketball.  A player must form the habit of using this shooting technique because not only will it improve his shooting but it will also prevent him from forming bad shooting habits that are hard to correct.
  2. When shooting, a player needs to be relaxed and focus on part of the rim when shooting the ball.  When doing a lay-up or bank shots, a player will need to focus on the backboard where they will need to bank the ball.
  3. A player should know when they have got a good shot and to take it when opportunity arises.  Every player will need to find the balance between shooting too much from not shooting as much as necessary. Having confidence in your shooting ability will allow you to determine if you have a good shot to take.
  4. A player should have proper balance when shooting the basketball as this is important on all form of shots.
  5. A player must follow-through with every shot he takes.  Holding the follow-through will enable them to see why they have made or missed the shot.
  6. A player should jump naturally when shooting a jump shot.  Forcing a jump shot should be avoided.  When doing a jump shot, a player needs to jump straight up and shoot at the top of their jump.
  7. Each shot a player takes should have an arc.  This arc will vary with each player as some may shoot with a flat shot while others may shoot with a high arc.  The arc is perfectly fine as long as the shots are going in and the player is using proper shooting techniques.
  8. A player should relax when shooting free-throws.  It is important to concentrate on the basket and to have the knees bent slightly.
  9. The routine should be simple when shooting free-throws.  This allows the player to focus on the shot and not on the routine.  It is also important to avoid unnecessary movement when shooting free-throws as the only motion required is to take and make the shot.
  10. 10.  A player should practice all shots.  They need to learn how to shoot from almost any area that is within shooting range of their court.  Learning how to do this will allow a player to become an all-around shooter.