Everybody loves basketball and everybody who plays the game wants to become a good shooter.  The truth is even if you know the basic mechanics of basketball shooting such as power, alignment, balance, arc, and follow-through, you still wouldn’t be able to shoot accurately unless you practice really hard and very often.  In fact, if you practice without any direction, just plain shooting and shooting, you wouldn’t improve as fast as compared to when you are following basketball shooting drills.  Throughout the many years of basketball, coaches have developed practice drills that can help their players learn how to shoot more accurately.

10 Basketball Shooting Drills to Shoot More Accurately

1.  Five in a Row – stand directly 6 feet in front of the basket and try to make 5 shots in a row.  If you are able to make the 5 shots, then you can take a step backward to do 5 more shots and so on.  However, if you are unable to make the 5 shots, you keep on shooting until you are able to make 5 shots in a row from that area.  Once you are done with shooting in front of the basket, try doing this drill at different angles from the basket.

2.  Quick Shot – do a jump shooter from the free-throw line then get the ball and do a lay-up using your left hand or perhaps a power move.  After that, go back to the free-line again and repeat the drill at least 10 times.  Try to chart your score using 2 points for the jump shooter and 1 point for the lay-up shot.

3. Spin Shooting – position yourself under the basket and try to spin the ball onto an area where you confident in your shooting.  Once the ball is in that area, try and make a dash for it.  As soon as you get the ball, try to pivot yourself so you will be facing the hoop, square-up and then take the shot.  After the shot is made, run immediately under the hoop so you can get the rebound.  Do this 10 times on each of your favored shooting areas.  Also, make sure to do this under real game speed to help you aim and square up faster.

4. Beat the Pro – this is similar to how boxers do shadow boxing.  However, instead of boxing, you imagine playing one-on-one against a player of your choice.  The game is won by the player who reaches 21 points first.  When dribbling and taking your shots, try to imagine playing up and being defended by your opponent.  Whenever you make a shot you get one point.  However, if you miss a shot, your imaginary opponent gets 2 points.  After reaching 20 points, try to takes the shot as if it is the last 2 seconds of the game – a buzzer beater shot.  Now, will you be able to beat the pro?

5. Doomsday – put a chair on one corner of the key.  From the opposite direction, sprint towards the chair, take the ball from the chair and do a jump shooter.  After making your shot, run towards the hoop to get the rebound.  Place the ball back to the chair and dash back towards the other corner.  You can also do this drill using two chairs on opposite sides of the key.  Do this drill for 1 minute then try and chart your shots and progress.

basketball shooting drills6. Swish Drill (all net shot) – pick a spot or an area on the court where you want to practice your shot.  Do a five-point game.  For every swish shot you make 1 point.  For every shot that hits the rim you get 0 points.  For every missed shot you subtract 1 point.

7. Guard Series – place two cones on each wing and treat them as if they were defenders.  Go from the half court side, approach one cone and do evasive dribbling such as a crossover, through the legs, inside-outside dribble, or behind the back to penetrate the basket for a layup.  After the shot, go to the opposite cone and do the same move.  Practicing from both sides will help you become an effective driver and scorer from both sides.

8. Concentration – this is an excellent drill for long range shooters.  First, choose 7 spots on the court you want to take your shot from.  When shooting, if you swish your first shot, you will move on to your next shooting spot.  Should you miss your shot, you need to make 2 swish shots so you can move on to the next.  Each time you miss a shot, you need to add the number of swishes you need to make to compensate for every missed shot in order to move on to the next.  If your shot makes it but hits the rim, it does not count.

9. X-out Drill – this layup drill is designed to improve the layup skills of both hands.  Start this drill with a layup using your dominant hand.  After the shot, grab the rebound and make two dribbles towards the opposite side.  Make a pivot on the sideline and place the ball on your weak hand, dribble with it towards the hoop and use it to make the layup.  The main goal for this drill is to do 6 layup shots in 30 seconds.

10. Free Throw Swish – concentrate in making 5 swish shots from the free throw.  If you make a swish shot you get one point.  If the shot is made but hits the rim you get no point.  If you miss your shot, you subtract a point.

When doing this drills or when practicing your shots, it is important that you also practice your shooting form.  Practicing a good shooting form is best earlier on so that you avoid developing any bad shooting habits that are hard to remove.  Also, you need to practice your stance when executing different types of shots.  However, the most important of all when practicing your shooting is dedication.  If you do not dedicate yourself into your shooting practices, you will not be able to improve as much.