Almost anywhere in the world you go, you will find that basketball is a popular sport.  Even if it is not the most popular in some countries, it is still popular nevertheless.  In the United States, the game of basketball is very popular and it has inspired aspiring players to reach the star status of the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.  Although it can be said that not all good and aspiring players will be able to reach the NBA, the league considered by many to be the pinnacle of the sport, it still does not hurt to have a dream and try.

If you are enthusiastic and passionate about the game, along with the interest of becoming a professional player someday, it is important that you have the skills to even be recruited.  Aside from the required skills, you also need to have the determination to get better by practicing, practicing, and practicing.  If you are new to the game, aside from simply practicing, you need to do some basketball drills. This is mostly because drills are the main foundation to learning the sport.  If you ask any basketball coach the best way to get better in the sport, they will always answer the same thing – Drills.  Basketball drills are not just for seasoned players, but they are also for beginners.  Any beginner who wants to get better in the sport should always start with basketball drills.

Basketball DrillsThe truth is there are many types of basketball drills.  While there are many sets of advanced drills, there are also some drills that are especially catered to training newbies.  These drills help to develop the skills needed to play the game.  Some of the drills covered when training newbies are dribbling and passing.  Others would involve running, jumping, lay-up, and teamwork.  With these drills, coaches are able to assess the strong points of a player and what position they would likely fit into.  The list below shows some of the basic basketball drills for newbies.

Basketball Drills for Newbies

Double Dribbling – this drill is performed dribbling two basketballs at the same time which is why it is considered to be very good for warm ups.  The drill usually lasts for five minutes.  The basic principle of this drill is that it helps improve the hand-to-eye coordination of the players.  Once the player has improved on the basic drill, he will be assigned a much more difficult task by looking and concentrating at a far object while dribbling both balls at the same time.

Speed Dribbling – this drill is intended to improve the speed of the dribbler, allowing him to move more quickly down the court.  The drill is performed by dribbling towards the center of the court with as little dribble as possible.  Once the player improves on this, the next task would be to do the same drill while reducing the number of dribble.  Speed is therefore necessary to accomplish this feat.

Ping pong Drill – this drill is mostly for improving alertness.  This drill is performed by dribbling a basketball using the main hand and using the free hand to pass a ping pong ball to another player while dribbling going down the court.  The objective of this drill is to help players become aware of their immediate surrounding on the court at all times.

Give and Go – since newbie players are still in the process of learning the game and/or improving their skills, they do not take part in making plays.  However, during games, newbie players are encouraged to work on teamwork and passing skills.  This is what makes the give and go drill useful for them as the drill entails them to dribble the ball for a couple of steps and then pass the ball towards an open player.  Repeating this drill frequently will make passing the ball during fast break offenses second nature.

Lay-ups – any newbie player will likely have a hard time executing a layup shot.  Although this is an easy move for many, since newbie player haven’t mastered yet how to properly run, dribble, jump, and release the ball in sequence, they usually don’t have the proper technique to execute it properly.  This makes this drill very useful as it teaches them the proper form and technique on how to do it.  Practicing this drill frequently will give the player confidence and skill in executing it the right way.  For this drill, a player stands at or near the free throw line, makes one or two dribbles towards the hoop, takes an in-step, stretches the outside arm along with the ball, and release the ball to make the layup shot.

Red Light Green Light – this is a drill meant for a team and not a single player.  The objective of this drill is to develop dribbling skills.  The drill is started by giving each player a ball while standing on the baseline.  Once the coach shouts ‘green light,’ each player needs to dribble and walk towards the other end of the court.  When the coach shouts ‘red light,’ the player who reaches the farthest is the winner.  On the return, each player will do the same drill but this time using their other hand to dribble.

Scramble – this is a drill meant for two players, or one player and a coach/parent.  The objective of this drill is to develop both offense and defense.  The setup of the drill is placing a ball on the floor and a few feet from the ball are two players with their back towards the other.  Once the whistle is blown and the drill initiated, the specified player will need to box out, defend, and prevent the other player from getting the ball.   The other player on the other hand must try to penetrate the defense in order to acquire the ball.

Anything Goes – this drill is meant for three players with each standing inside the key.  The ball will be tossed in the air and all three must try to get the rebound.  The player who gets the rebound must now try to score while the other two players will attempt to stop him.  Set a specific number of baskets to win.

The importance of basketball basics is essential if a player truly wants to excel in the game.  Although shooting is a very important aspect of the game, without the necessary moves or dribbling to get to the necessary or open shooting position, a shooter will not have an opportunity to score. Balancing the sets of skills needed is necessary in the game to be a formidable player.