Training is an important aspect in order to be able to jump higher in basketball and possibly execute that spectacular dunk shot –Jumping high is something that always heighten the cheers from the crowd. This is possibly the reason why a lot of people who plays basketball want to increase the height of their jump. The truth in jumping high and faster can be done at a much faster pace, although it does take time to achieve the expected results. You won’t find any single exercise or overnight miracles that can be a short cut to jumping higher.

The Basics of Jumping High

There are actually several methods you need to do in order to jump higher and these are through numerous exercises, workouts, tricks and techniques that will help improve your jumping prowess. Implementing high protein food, such as red meat, eggs, fish, beans and nuts into your diet can also help in increasing the muscles in your body which in turn can help you achieve a higher jump. However, if you are planning on losing extra weight while building off muscles, then a diet plan will be necessary and this can vary from person to person so consulting a physician is essential before you change your diet.

The muscles of your legs play a very important role when executing a high jump. If you are not that tall, say 6 foot tall, you will require a lot of leg power to propel you high enough to achieve a dunk shot. This makes it necessary to train your leg muscles to become strong. Lifting weights will strengthen your leg muscle but it will not provide you with that explosive power needed to make a higher jump which is why you need to combine weight exercises along with exercises that will increase explosiveness as well as speed. A good example of these exercises will include doing squats and rope jumping.

The muscles that are being used when jumping are the calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings. You will need to understand how train these muscles in order to achieve a higher jump. Exercising these muscles regularly will help you achieve faster results. However, you need to make sure that you do not end up over exercising your muscles as this could be very harmful. If your muscles are pressed too much and too often, although it will bring faster results, it is likely that you will also injure yourself thereby jeopardizing all of your training. It is important not to get too obsessed about it and to remember that muscles takes time to develop.

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