A slam dunk is a type of basketball shot that is basically executed when a player jumps in the air and tries to hand slam the ball into the basket with one or both hands while at the same time touching the rim. The slam dunk or dunk shot has one of the highest percentage shots in the game as it practically lays the ball in the basket itself. Many consider it the most beautiful shot in the game as there are many ways it can be delivered and executed. It is a shot that is truly a crowd-pleaser. Throughout the slam dunks inception, there has been a notable variety on how it is executed. Below are some of the more notable types of slam dunks.

Windmill – the wind mill dunk shot is executed when a player creates a circular motion with the ball while in the air before the dunk shot. This can be executed with one or both hands.

Tomahawk – the tomahawk dunk shot is a shot that is executed while holding the ball above the head, usually with both hands, brought back down behind the head and in a chopping-like motion, dunked into the hoop.

Free Throw Line – this is a dunk shot that is performed while jumping from the free throw line which is around 15 feet away from the rim. This type of dunk shot is literally considered as the hardest type of jump shot a player can do because it involves a lot of speed and elevation to execute it successfully.

Between the Leg – this type of dunk shot is executed by passing the ball in between your legs while in mid-air before performing the slam. Many judges consider this to be visually impressive which is why they often give high score for its execution.

Double Clutch – this type of dunk shot is executed by extending your arms with the ball in mid air, bringing it back to your head or body, and extending your arms again for the dunk.

Rock the Baby / Rock the Cradle – this dunk shot is similar to the windmill with two basic differences. First, the ball is locked into the dunker’s wrist. Second, the rotation of the dunk shot starts from the bottom instead of the top as seen on windmill dunks.

Off the Backboard – this is a popular type of dunk shot where the dunker bounces the ball off the backboard, catches it in mid-air, and performs the slammer. This type of dunk shot can be combined with windmill and reverse tomahawk dunk shots.

It is without doubt that dunk shots are very entertaining to watch. Although they may look easy for NBA slam dunk contestants, they are without doubt very hard.