Undoubtedly, basketball is a famous sport around the globe. You can see kids playing it, high school and college students, young adults and even young at hearts. Playing basketball could not only maintain their physical fitness but as well as improving their stamina, build muscle,  improve and strengthens your heart health, burn calories and as well as develop balance and coordination. It can also develop your social life such as meeting new friends and played with them regularly and teach you how to become a team player. Basketball is an exciting game that can be played all year around.

So what is basketball? As most of you know, basketball is a team sport which is played by two opposing teams with five players of each team. The main goal is to shoot the ball through a horizontally positioned basket to score points by following a set of rules. The team with most points within the time period allotted will win. It can be played in both indoor and outdoor courts so there is no reason to not play it since it is among the most famous sports around the globe.

Teamwork in every activity is needed to have a good outcome. To achieve this, individuals who take part in the activity should have its distinct task be performed well. Just like in basketball, the playing individuals should have its specific roles maintained well to control the game afterall basketball is a fast moving game that involves a lot of shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, defense and a lot more. That’s why it is common that you can observe a lot of basketball players practicing their skills for rebound, shots, dribbling, passing, defense and other related stuffs as well as the specialization of different various player positions and offensive and defensive techniques and structures.

Well, rules in basketball do not specifically define player positioning unlike other games such as football or baseball. Positioning in basketball is more likely a part of the offense-defense plan of the team. Through the years of improvement, basketball has come up with five common basketball positions or  five common player positions. Usually, the tallest members of the team can play for “center”, “power forward”  or for “small forward” positions. On the other hand, players who possess the best ball handling skills and speed play usually the shorter players will play for “point guard” or “shooting guard” positions.

basketball positions

basketball positions

1.        Point-guard. This is the player that acts as the general manager for offense. So basically he handles and controls the ball most of the time. Thus, making sure that the ball goes to the right player at the right time. He must be the best ball handler and the fastest player in the team. He also must have the intelligence and the vision to know the tentative outcome of every player’s action.

2.       Shooting guard. So from the word itself, shooting guard is the one responsible to take long-range shots with high percentage of getting it in. mostly, he has the most points in the team. He must have the best shooting skills and a good passing and ball handling skills. Also, he must be quick enough to get an open shot and tall enough to stand on opponent.

3.       Small forward. Small forward must be a very flexible player. He must have the enough height to penetrate through opponents and do near-basket shots. And it’s not just the height; he must have the skill, speed and strength to pass through defenders, to pass the ball and to defend his grounds.

4.      Power forward. He is responsible for rebounding and blocking opponents from inside the basket giving open spaces for his teammates to penetrate. Usually they are bigger players that can block incoming shots near the basket. They must be good inside shooter and defender.

5.       Center. He is usually the tallest and biggest player in the team. He is expected to do near-court shots, can do rebounds and can block shots from the inside. Since he usually stays near the basket, he is usually called as the gatekeeper and therefore is the last line of defense for the team.

On some instances, the team will use a three guard offense which replaces one of the forwards or the center with a third guard. While when both players usually the point guard and shooting guard have good ball handling and leadership skills they can interchanged their positions.

Basketball is a good team sports with each player having different positions in order for them to in the game. Countless years of improvement leads to better development of the game. And as it improves, its players also have to enhance to keep tract. As of today, you can’t see a single player that acts solely on one position. They are now well-rounded and versatile.