Keep kids basketball practice drills simple, stay positive and make it fun. Teaching basketball to younger kids like ages seven to 10 years old can be a rewarding but difficult experience for any coach. For Coaches, teaching youngsters is a challenge but the key is keeping it fun and keep them moving. Remember they are Kids. So don’t expect too much or you’ll end up disappointing yourself and the children as well. Take note that some of them are really eager to learn but some do not have interest and they just join because their parents signed them up for some wholesome they can enjoy during their spare time.

Don’t pour too much pressure on them. They commit mistakes and that is where the learning process starts. To make them active at practice as possible, make sure each of them have their own ball. That alone really helps keep children active, having fun and learning new skills. Make kids basketball practice drills fun and exciting environment! They want to have fun and so you are. Start with fun practice drills and basketball lead-up games to make practice more exciting.

One way to make basketball workout environment fun is to play some loud, upbeat basketball songs. Surely the environment will be amazing because of the difference fun music brings. Don’t forget to turn it off when it’s time to give instructions, but once the drills get underway turn on the music again. Below are the fundamentals you should start teaching to them at every practice.

Kids Basketball Practice Drills


One of the important kids basketball practice drills to teach them how to Dribble at an early age. Teach them how to handle the ball properly in their bare hands to avoid fouls and violations. The cool thing about basketball dribbling drills is they are appropriate for everyone. Kindergarten basketball players as well as those in college get a lot of benefit out of them because no one can ever have too much ball handling practice. Young players love learning how to do ball handling routines. They are a great way to see immediate improvement and experience some early success.


Teach the basic mechanics of basketball shooting form as early as possible. At first, most kids will need to use two hands to shoot, and they may try to sling it from the hip. But let them feel that its okay. They don’t have the strength yet to shoot with one hand. You can still focus on other important parts of the basketball shot like what their eyes, knees, or feet should be doing. Teaching kids basketball practice drills such as the basics correctly can build their trust and confidence as well their “best shooter” potential in the future. Also don’t forget to praise them for good-looking basketball shots and encourage them that when they get bigger and stronger their shots they are going to go in.


Basketball is a team game. It’s usually much quicker to move the ball around the court by passing it as opposed to dribbling it. Teach kids basketball practice drills good basketball passing drills to make sure they can get the ball to a teammate and catch it when it comes their way. They can also improve their passing and catching skills by teaching kids basketball practice drills they can do alone or with a partner.


Don’t expect basketball defense at the kindergarten and elementary basketball level to look very good. There are a lot of technical skills players won’t understand until they get older, but you can start introducing them to some basic defensive principles. Don’t overload them, but pick a few concepts to start with and introduce new ones as appropriate.

Basic Rules

When you’re coaching youth basketball players, you need to start by introducing them to some basketball basic rules. Don’t throw all of the basketball regulations at them at once, but teach a few as they relate to skills you are working on. For instance, as you introduce basketball dribbling drills, you could talk about traveling or double dribbling. Many officials in youth basketball games teach players the rules as they commit fouls or violations during the games which is a good way for kids to learn.

Develop Teamwork

Teamwork is vital especially when taught during early years. Fun team building games for kids are a great way to help children basketball players learn how to have fun working together. If kids are going to enjoy their time at practice they have to feel like they fit in with the team, and the team has to have fun interacting together. Teach them the importance of positive attitude during playtime. Let them feel that what matters most is their attitude towards their team mates and other players. Teach them playing is not only about winning and there are times that we can be defeated.

Life is full of ups and downs. The trick is to enjoys the ups and have courage during the downs. Its the same as when playing Basketball. Be optimistic and let them feel that you believe in them and that they can accomplish things like this. You only have a short time with them and you need to make sure it is a positive experience for them.