Basketball is a fun game that allows you to play and unwind with your colleagues and friends. However, the game of basketball is also considered as a contact sport, although with less force than collision sports. This makes injuries not uncommon. In order to combat this, the game of basketball has a set of rules that must be abided when playing the game, something which will prevent illegal contact between two players. Below is a list of different types of basketball fouls that can be seen in the game:

Offensive Foul – this is a type of foul committed by an offensive player. This type of foul usually occurs when the person in possession of the ball and currently dribbling, intentionally runs into a defensive player to stop the player from properly defending. The game is stopped when an offensive foul is called and possession of the ball is given to the defensive team.

Hand Check – this is a personal foul committed by the defensive team. This is called when the person on the defense continually uses his/her hand on the offensive player in possession of the ball.

Holding – this type of foul can be committed by the offensive or defensive team. This is called when a player uses their hands to interfere with the movement of their opponent.

Illegal Screen – this type of foul is called when a player setting the screen still moves to block the defensive player and in turn make contact.

Intentional Foul – this type of foul is committed when a defensive player intentionally commits a foul on the purpose of stopping the clock.

Reaching In – this foul occurs when a defensive player tries to reach-in by extending his/her arm in an attempt to steal the ball from the offensive player but makes contact with the player.

Shooting Foul – this type of foul is called when an offensive player is fouled while in the act of shooting the ball. If the player misses the shot, he/she will be rewarded with 2 free throws if the shot is made inside the 3-point arc or 3 free throws if the shot was made outside the 3-point field. A single free throw is however rewarded if the shot has been made.

Technical Foul – this is a foul given to any player that acts in misconduct manner that can detriment the game. The penalty for incurring a technical foul is usually one free throw for the opposing team.

Flagrant Foul – this is a serious contact foul that involves unnecessary or excessive contact. The common penalty for a flagrant foul is two free throws for the opposing team as well as ball possession. The player who has committed the flagrant foul is also disqualified from the game.

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