Basketball TIPS & TRICKS

Plan a good practice with sure fire Basketball TIPS & TRICKS

Basketball Tactics

The main objective of this game is to outscore your opponent by making a shot and preventing your opponent from making one. And just like in every sport, tactics along with right application of rules and regulations are needed to win a game fair and square. Basketball... read more

How Men’s and Women’s Basketball Games Differs?

On the late 1891, James Naismith who is a sports coach and innovator in America invented the very popular sport today, basketball. The game Basketball is usually played by two teams with five members on each group, it is a game wherein the ball needs to be thrown into... read more

Treatments to Common Basketball Injuries

Treatments to Common Basketball Injuries. Basketball is one of the most popular sports started in the United States and now played throughout the world. Millions of people participate in this kind of sport whether on street or different leagues. Whatever kind of... read more

Basketball Good Defense

Basketball Good Defense. Good defense as the real key to success in basketball? While much of the eye-catching moments we remember in the basketball arena come as a result of great offensive play and moments, it is sometimes the less noticeable defensive plays which... read more

Dr. James Naismith Basketball Inventor

Dr. James Naismith was born on 6th November 1861, died on 28th November 1939). He was an American Sports coach and innovator born in Canada. In 1891 he invented the sport of basketball. He is often credited with introducing the first football helmet. The original... read more

Guidelines on how to officiate Basketball Game

Basketball is a fast indoor game played with two teams of five players each. The importance of good basketball officiating involves with rules in playing a basketball game. Without competent officials, the game will not be a success. Different errors can be committed... read more

Passing as Fundamental Skill in Basketball

Basketball is a team game. Hence, every members of the team must know how to work, to communicate and to play with each other inside the court. This relationship is best built through periods of practices and training. And when we say practices and training it is not... read more

The Importance of Basketball Shoes Preferences

Basketball is one of the most popular world sports at any age. No matter where you go, basketball would still be a trend! Which is why a lot of manufacturers take advantage to this popularity and as a result, there are now hundreds and even thousands of basketball... read more

The Five Common Basketball Positions

Undoubtedly, basketball is a famous sport around the globe. You can see kids playing it, high school and college students, young adults and even young at hearts. Playing basketball could not only maintain their physical fitness but as well as improving their stamina,... read more

How Practice Affects Players Performance

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation” – Arthur Ashe Every sport needs its players to show their eagerness, passion and most importantly their confidence. Now, what is the role of practice and training to... read more

Basketball Defense Fundamentals

In the game of basketball, defense is probably the least observed by those standing/sitting in the bleachers or audience stands.  Since this is not much of a crowd pleaser, other players tend to ignore defense simply because they know they will not become popular... read more

Simple Tips on Great Individual Basketball Offense

In the game of basketball, individual basketball offense is often referred to as one-on-one.  Then again, since basketball is a team sports, it is more proper to call it individual offense.  There are many instances when basketball moves are taught by coaches or by... read more

Basketball Rebounding Fundamentals

There is a saying I’ve heard in the past that ‘the person who controls the rebound controls the game.’  While the saying may seem like a drive booster for players who are tasked with rebounding, the saying is actually truer than it seems.  This is because not all... read more

Basketball Passing Fundamentals

The game of basketball is a team sports and it requires all five members playing on the court to act accordingly in order to assist or support a team member who in the moment has the capacity to score or shoot.  Simply put, the role of every team member playing on... read more

Basketball Dribbling and Ball Handling Fundamentals

In the game of basketball, a player needs a set of skills to be able to play it effectively.  These skills would include shooting, rebounding, passing, dribbling, and ball handling.  There are many who interchanges the latter two because they are obviously related... read more

Basketball Form Shooting Drills

The game of basketball is known everywhere in the world and there is hardly any town or city that does not have a basketball court.  In fact, on most schools, basketball is one of their main sports and that they also teach it on their physical education classes.  The... read more

Basketball Shooting Workouts

In the game of basketball, shooters are always considered an asset because every shot they make has the capacity to turn the game around.  However, to become better at shooting, you don’t need to do endless practice with no direction, it is important that you practice... read more

Improving Your Free Throw Shot

One of the most practiced shots for beginners in the game of basketball comes from the free throw area.  This is where they harness their shooting as well as their shooting form.  Sadly, once they become more confident with their release or their shooting form, they... read more