Facts and Information about the origin of Basketball.

Rebounders in NBA history

The best rebounders in NBA history are those star players who dominated in the rebounds department during their long and successful careers in the National Basketball Association over the years. Parked squarely under the net, these best NBA rebounders snagged the ball... read more

NBA Most Valuable Player Award

NBA most valuable player. In basketball, there is always a player who will win the title as the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the year award. This is an honor typically bestowed upon the best-performing player or players on a specific team, in an entire league, or for... read more

Basketball Uniform Evolution

Basketball came out to be a simple friendly game, which showcases player’s skills and abilities. The changes within the game are also effective to the rules and regulations, court and even the basket itself went through a lot of transformations as well. The first... read more

FIBA 2014

Recently we are seeing the playing out of qualifiers for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup which will be held in Spain this time next year (Aug-Sept 2014). It currently moves on a 4 year cycle but after 2014 it will be held on a 5 year cycle to avoid a clash with... read more

Dr. James Naismith Basketball Inventor

Dr. James Naismith was born on 6th November 1861, died on 28th November 1939). He was an American Sports coach and innovator born in Canada. In 1891 he invented the sport of basketball. He is often credited with introducing the first football helmet. The original... read more

The Top 10 All-Time Three Point Shooters of the NBA

There are many aspects involved in the game of basketball and you need to excel in many of them to be at least considered worthy playing for the NBA. Such aspects would involve dribbling skills, rebounding skills, blocking skills, stealing skills, and shooting skills.... read more

Basketballs – An Introduction

The game of basketball is adored almost everywhere which is why you will find a lot of places specially dedicated for playing basketball. In order to play basketball in these public courts, you need to have your own basketball. However, many people hardly know the... read more

History of Basketball

Basketball is a very popular sport which is why a lot of people, both young and old, are hooked to playing it.  Most of them say it is cool playing the game.  This is in fact true.  However, if you look at it at a much broader side, you will find that the game of... read more