Basketball Drills

Helps players develop set of skills to play the game effectively

Tips on How to Become a Better Ball Handler

Every coach who has been involved in the game of basketball for quite some time will likely agree that one of the most important skills that any young player should develop would be ball handling.  Although shooting is also very important as every player needs to... read more

The Fastbreak

One of the most fascinating plays to watch in the game of basketball is probably the fast break as this is the period where most of the showtime spectacles happen. Despite this, the main objective of the fast break is to get an easy basket as the defenders are left on... read more

Tips on How to Be a Good Shot Blocker

Playing the game of basketball is very fun and compelling as each player of the team is required to do more than just shoot, but to also defend, rebound, steal, and block attempted shots by the opponents. The ability to block shots is very unique as not all are good... read more

6 Strategies during Basketball Tryouts

Basketball is a fun and energetic game to play which is why it attracts a lot of fans and players alike. If you love playing basketball, it is highly likely that you would like to join a basketball team as this will not only allow you to play more seriously, but the... read more

5 Qualities to Improve Your Vertical Jump

In almost any athletic field, the vertical jump is a rough measurement of the raw power of an athlete.  This performance test helps to measure an athlete’s explosive strength and using it to identify if an athlete is capable of efficiently using it in various athletic... read more

Basketball Defensive Strategies

In any basketball league, having good defense will greatly help a team who is looking forward to acquiring a championship. Even if your team has a great offense but suck on defense, then your opponents won’t have any hard time getting the lost points back. If a coach... read more

Patience is a Virtue in Basketball Offensive Plays

The aim to outscore your opponent is always a good motivation for any player to practice and seek ways how to find new basketball offensive strategies.  The truth is new offensive plays will not necessarily allow you to get the championship that easily.  New offensive... read more

Five Simple Exercises to Improve Your Power

Basketball is a great, fun, and challenging game that requires you to outscore your opponent to win the game. However, basketball is not all just about shooting, defending, rebounding, and dribbling as there are other aspects that you need to develop to help get you... read more

Basketball Defensive Drills

There are a lot of basketball defensive drills that centers on one-on-one plays. This teaches players about man-to-man basketball defense, aside from defensive team plays.

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The Finger Roll Shot

The finger roll is known by many as a tough shot to master and very few players use this shot as their primary shot. One notable disadvantage of this shot is that it is executed one-handed which means the ball is harder to protect as it is exposed most of the time.

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How to Shoot a Turnaround Jumper

A turnaround jumper depends greatly on positioning. Shooting guards and power forwards have always taken advantage of this move to make a quick getaway from their defenders and pop in a shot at the same time.

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Basketball Dribbling Fundamentals

Dribbling is one of the most important skill in the game of basketball because it allows you to create shooting opportunity. If you are a good dribbler, you can easily evade defenders and prevent them from stealing the ball from you.

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Basketball Shooting Form

If you want to be a good shooter in the game of basketball, you need to have a good shooting form. Sadly, many aspiring players fail to make the proper shooting form and get carried away with their form of shots.

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The Reverse Layup

The reverse layup has been a time proven effective way that you can drive towards the hoop despite tight defense. However, you need to make sure when executing this drive is that you are faster than your defenders.

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Hook Shot Basics & Types

The hook shot is one of the important shots that a basketball player has to master because it is an efficient shot that is hard to defend against.

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The Slam Dunk

The slam dunk is perhaps the most crowd pleasing stunt in the game of basketball. Very few players are able to execute terrific slam dunks and being able to execute one can be a personal pride itself.

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Mastering the 3 Point Shot

The three-point shot is an essential shooting skill in the game of basketball because it scores more than any regular field goal, even with the most flamboyant and crowd-cheering dunk shot. A three-point shot can make the difference of winning or losing.

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