Basketball Drills

Helps players develop set of skills to play the game effectively

Home Basketball Drills

Home basketball drills have the capability to help develop and improve skills. Being a quality basketball player requires the development of an array of skills, including shooting, ball handling, passing and defense. Home basketball drills can be done with friends and... read more

Easy Basketball Training Drills

Behind a great player is a professional and competent coach. Coaches play a big role to every player which makes them very important to any sport. Being a coach is one of the most exciting jobs in the world! With that being said, regardless of what age you are... read more

Six Basketball Strengthening Exercises

Basketball is a kind of sport that requires tremendous training in order to play it with harmony with perfection. Players try a lot of fitness programs in order to stay focus and alert during on court and off court of this Sport. Different basketball training... read more

Top Basketball Moves of All Time

Bring the Game On! – Get Yourself Ready To Flaunt The the Top Basketball Moves Ever! Basketball is a sport which features a lot of movements and styles on playing the game. We typically know that all of the sports require heavy training and practices to get an... read more

Passing as Fundamental Skill in Basketball

Basketball is a team game. Hence, every members of the team must know how to work, to communicate and to play with each other inside the court. This relationship is best built through periods of practices and training. And when we say practices and training it is not... read more

Basketball Dribbling and Ball Handling Fundamentals

In the game of basketball, a player needs a set of skills to be able to play it effectively.  These skills would include shooting, rebounding, passing, dribbling, and ball handling.  There are many who interchanges the latter two because they are obviously related... read more

12 Simple Ball Handling Drills

When it comes to basketball ball handling skills, you need to practice a lot of ball handling drills to become a good ball handler.  This is because a lot of the ball handling drills made not only helps to make your hands faster and nimble, but they also help to... read more

Basic Aspects of Basketball Defense

In order to win a game of basketball, you don’t just need offense, but you also need defense – a lot of it.  The truth is there are many defensive strategies that can be employed and even explored by coaches during games and practices.  However, there are certain... read more

Basketball Warm Up Drills

In order to prepare for a game of basketball, it is necessary that players, regardless of age or ability, to properly ready themselves for the game.  This can be done by performing basketball warm up drills before the game.  This is in fact a necessary activity as it... read more

Basketball Agility Training

In the game of basketball, both speed and agility are essential to excel in the game.  Speed is the ability to move from one distance to another in a short amount of time and agility is the ability to move quickly and lightly – it is the rapid changing or switching of... read more

Basketball Speed Training

In the game of basketball, a player needs to have a combination of certain qualities such as speed, power, and agility.  This makes it important for a player to follow certain regimen, drills, and training to help him accelerate the development of these critical... read more

Simple Basketball Drills to Help Improve Your Game

The game of basketball has always been tough on players who set out to improve their skills.  This is primarily because developing one’s skill for the game is necessary in order to excel and win games.  In order to improve your game, you need to practice a lot, have... read more

Basketball Shooting – How to Shoot More Accurately

Everybody loves basketball and everybody who plays the game wants to become a good shooter.  The truth is even if you know the basic mechanics of basketball shooting such as power, alignment, balance, arc, and follow-through, you still wouldn’t be able to shoot... read more

Six Simple Tips on Basketball Defense

The game of basketball is a fun and exciting team sport that has thrilled and entertained a lot of fans and players for many decades.  Just like all sports, the game requires you to outscore your opponents in order to win.  This means that a team needs to be good... read more

10 Team Drills Proven to Improve Teamwork

The game of basketball is a team sport that requires both cooperation and teamwork.  Although individual skills and talents are necessary, if the whole team doesn’t have any teamwork, then that team is likely to fail in winning many games.  For example, if a team has... read more

9 Individual Drills to Help you Improve your Overall Game

The game of basketball is a very popular team sport.  It is a game that highly relies on teamwork to gain the advantage over their opponents.  Every member of the team, the five that are playing, plays a specific role.  They are the point guard, the shooting guard,... read more

Basketball Drills for Newbies

Almost anywhere in the world you go, you will find that basketball is a popular sport.  Even if it is not the most popular in some countries, it is still popular nevertheless.  In the United States, the game of basketball is very popular and it has inspired aspiring... read more

Basketball Conditioning Exercises

The game of basketball is a very demanding game as it requires you to walk, run, turn, spin, jump, tricks and other type of fast movements.  This means a player needs to gain strong and flexible muscles to be able to achieve all of these movements and the only way to... read more