Basketball Coaching

Advice and tutorials to new or beginning basketball coaches.

How to Establish Good Body Position

The game of basketball is a fun and exciting game.  In fact, the game becomes more fun and exciting if you are on the winning side.  In order to ensure that you are always on the winning side, it is important that every player on your team knows how to play properly,...

Basketball Terms

In the game of basketball, both coach and players need to know what every basketball term means so that they do not get flustered when a term is mentioned by other coaches or players.  The truth is, even if you have been playing or coaching basketball for some time,...

Basketball Conditioning Exercises

The game of basketball is a very demanding game as it requires you to walk, run, turn, spin, jump, tricks and other type of fast movements.  This means a player needs to gain strong and flexible muscles to be able to achieve all of these movements and the only way to...

Tips on How to Become a Better Ball Handler

Every coach who has been involved in the game of basketball for quite some time will likely agree that one of the most important skills that any young player should develop would be ball handling.  Although shooting is also very important as every player needs to...

The Importance of the Inside Post

The inside post in the game of basketball is very important and it cannot be emphasized enough that every player needs to develops skills on how to play and work on the inside post. While it is true that shorter players may not need to bother with post positions, the...

5 Qualities to Improve Your Vertical Jump

In almost any athletic field, the vertical jump is a rough measurement of the raw power of an athlete.  This performance test helps to measure an athlete’s explosive strength and using it to identify if an athlete is capable of efficiently using it in various athletic...

Basketball Defensive Strategies

In any basketball league, having good defense will greatly help a team who is looking forward to acquiring a championship. Even if your team has a great offense but suck on defense, then your opponents won’t have any hard time getting the lost points back. If a coach...

Patience is a Virtue in Basketball Offensive Plays

The aim to outscore your opponent is always a good motivation for any player to practice and seek ways how to find new basketball offensive strategies.  The truth is new offensive plays will not necessarily allow you to get the championship that easily.  New offensive...

How to Improve Your Mental Game in Basketball

It is a proven fact that improving your mental game in basketball can help to make you shoot better.  For example, if you keep on thinking that you will miss your shot, it is likely that you will not be taking or risking any shots during the game even when you are...

Five Simple Exercises to Improve Your Power

Basketball is a great, fun, and challenging game that requires you to outscore your opponent to win the game. However, basketball is not all just about shooting, defending, rebounding, and dribbling as there are other aspects that you need to develop to help get you...

Enhance Your Game in Basketball

In order to get better in playing basketball, you need to learn how to imitate how the best people in the sport execute their game. Although this does not necessarily mean you can become like them by copying them, what is important is you have the basic idea on the proper form and execution.

Basketball Defensive Drills

There are a lot of basketball defensive drills that centers on one-on-one plays. This teaches players about man-to-man basketball defense, aside from defensive team plays.

Basketball Assist

There is nothing like the feeling of being responsible in assisting a teammate in making the shot. Assist is similar to a pass but is one of those pass that are credited and attributed to the player’s statistics as APG or assists per game.

Boxing Out in Basketball Rebounding

Rebounding is one of the most important aspects in the game of basketball. This is because rebounding is one of the ways a defensive or an offensive team can get possession of the ball.

The Bank Shot

Shooting the bank shot is fairly easy as all you need is a soft touch and a good aim at the backboard. The bank shot is effective when you are at an angle of the hoop but are unable to see the hoop itself.

Types of Slam Dunk

Slam dunks are regarded as the most beautiful and most crowd pleasing shot that a player can make. They can be executed in many ways and each will vary according to the skill of the player.